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    Issues with audio on DG35EC




      I bought this computer last year in September. Since last 3 days, there is no audio from rear (analog)/front (digital) audio ports. I reinstalled the latest drivers from the support site of intel, however, it didn’t help. Then I tried checked BIOS & it was enabled there also. I could not understand the problem, so I browse through Intel website. There was few troubleshooting steps mention there (http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/cs-020642.htm), which I used to fix the problem (it did not help). In the end, I tried to reinstall WIN XP on it. In the process, I received blue screen error (stop: 0X000000F4). I thought there are some issues with some ports or with the RAM (2GB). I tried reinstalling OS using a spare RAM & this time, WIN XP reinstalled without any issues. As, RAM is under warranty, I got it changed from the dealer from where I bought the computer. The new RAM is working properly. However, after reinstalling WINXP, I faced issues installing realtek driver.  Then I disabled the audio from BIOS & upgraded/installed WINXP/SP3 (as earlier it was WINXP/SP2) on the computer. After installing WINXP, I installed all other drivers except Audio.  Then I restated the computer, enabled the audio from BIOS & installed its driver from the download center of Intel. Everything works on this computer now, however, now audio still an issues & few USB ports are also not functioning. Well, I am able to hear audio using USB ports (which are still working) using a USB headset. I don't know what else to do with this computer. Please help me.