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    Intel Driver Update Utility for DX38BT


      I attempted to run the IDUU this morning (first time in quite a while).  It appears to have run without issues, but no information is returned.  All of the sections are there (graphics, audio, wireless and wired networking, raid) but no driver info appears for Product Detected or Current Driver Installed.


      I went through the small trouble-shooting section, no help.


      O/S: Win 7


      Any suggestions appreciated.


      Steven Wheeler

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          What browser are you using?? And version?


          Can you attach a screen shot of the results that IDUU gives.


          When you installed the drivers on your system you used the CD or the latest ones from the web page?





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            You can use any of the drivers from the page for the DX48BT2. I know I have both Running all the same downloads even the 2006 BIOS.

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              Intel conciders the DX38BT end of life , thats why you are not getting updates , But Like I said use the DX48BT2 Page. there the same board except the DX48BT2 runs a 1600Mhz FSB Insteed of a 1333Mhz FSB. otherwize they are the same.

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                IDUU SS.jpg


                I installed originally with the CD, but have upgraded drivers since then.

                I came back to see if there were any new drivers that I should load, and had this problem.


                Windows 7 system with IE8 browser

                M/BIntel: DX38BT
                ProcessorIntel Core 2 Quad Q6700 - 2.66GHz, 8MB Cache, 1066MHz FSB, Socket 775
                MemoryCorsair Dual Channel 8192MB PC10600 DDR3 1333MHz Memory (4x2048MB)
                GraphicsDiamond Radeon HD 3850 Video Card - Viper, 512MB GDDR3, PCI Express 2.0
                P/SUltra 1000W

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                  Thank you

                  I do have the latest BIOS.  I put it in a long time ago when I was having so many problems.

                  I was returning for one last shot at drivers to finally stabalize it.

                  This board has been problematic to say the least, reboots whenever it wants to, with both Win7 and Linux.

                  Reboots are random, sometimes weeks in between, sometimes every hour or less.  System performance is so-so (worse in Windows than Linux for sure).

                  I had so many problems with RAID that I gave up on it (for one thing it rebuilds every time it rebooted and I have a lot of disk)

                  I need to have my computer available and solid, this board has never provided that.

                  As such I have decided to toss it and try to find a MB that I can trust.


                  It saddens me a bit because I bought the board based on my belief that Intel would be the superior product.  Oh well, I was wrong.

                  I have built a lot of PCs in my time (I'm an old **** now), guess its time to build the next one.


                  Thanks again

                  Steven Wheeler

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                    Do you have the Intel desktop control center , and the Intel desktop utility , installed at the same time , Next question are you Overclocking at all??

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                      Have you updated the chipset driver , because that will not show in Intel's auto update??

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                        I do have the Intel Desktop Control Center installed, not sure what desktop utility you are referring to.

                        I do not overclock and in fact long ago (and several times) reset all BIOS setting to default in hope of stablizing the system.

                        Looks like the last chipset file I installed was INF_allOS_9.1.1.1025_PV.exe, around 1/22/10.


                        Thank you