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    DP55WG motherboard has problems in detecting x16 mode for graphic cards?


      Hello everyone,


      I recently built a new system around DP55WG mother board, using the following components:

      - Processor Intel i3 530 @ 2.93GHz

      - RAM 2x2GB Kingston HyperX 1333MHz DDR3

      - Power Supply CoolerMaster GX 550W

      - HDD Samsung Spinpoint 500GB

      - Video Gainward GeForce GTX460 768MB


      The problem is that the video card is seen as running at x1 instead of x16.

      - the video card is mounted in a x16 PCIe slot

      - the video card is powered through 2x6pin cables from power supply

      - motherboard has the latest BIOS version available on Intel website

      - the video card uses the latest drivers available from Nvidia

      - I the same issue  appears even I use Win7 x64 or Win7 x86

      - nothing changes if I connect the extra SATA-like connector on the motherboard for extra PCIe power

      the issue is reported by GPU-Z, CPU-Z and Expert tool from Gainward.

      - I tried to change the only video related setting in BIOS from Auto to PCIe (PEG)

      - I tried to disable also power management in Windows and from BIOS

      - I tried also a light overclocking of PCIe refference frequency


      Nothing could make switch the video card from x1 to x16 or other mode.


      I read several other posts on Internet regarding this kind of issue and found no solution. The only reason for this could be an incompatibility issue between MB and video card. Does anyone knows about such a compatibility? Anyone has a similar configuration working properly? A should mention that except this issue the system works flawless. So I doubt it may be a HW malfunction either on MB or video card.