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    Cannot change scaling option

      cant change scaling option with the intel media acc. software (have intel HD graphics)


      before, i had the manufacture hdd with the proloaded stuff, the scaling worked, ie: could change scaling options; fullscreen, aspect ratio, center

      now, i did a fresh install with windows 7 pro 64bit (was win 7 home premium 64bit before), now it doesnt work, it's fixed to fullscreen

      i installed from manufacture site, didnt work

      installed latest verison from intel site, didnt work


      hoping there is there a config file that i can change manually

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          It seems somthing wrong with the new drivers from intel. I have faced same problem here on my laptop. For testing I've installed the driver from Microsoft Windows Update and now the Panel Fit Scalling is working fine.



          1. uninstall the driver from device manager also check "delete the driver software for this device" so that it can't install same driver again.

          2. restart your computer

          3. after restart go to control panel > windows update > check for updates

          4. select Important Update > Intel HD Graphics driver and install.


          Machine Cofiguration:

          Intel Core i3 2.53 GHz (380M)

          Intel HD Graphics

          Windows 7 Ultimate x64