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    Intel Q45CB Iflash Bios Update Error

      I update bios with iflash (pen drive) whenever intel releases. Recently i updated bios with CBQ4510H.86A.0121.BI0. It updated successfully without any problems. After that i cant update with versions 0123 and 0125. When i try to update(iflash using pendrive and hitting F7 on boot), it says 'Error reading file'. All my previous iflash updates were successfull. what is the error?


      My bios version on board - CBQ4510H.86A.0121.2010.0142.0911, Date - 12/4/2010

      My system - Q45CB, quad core Q9550, windows 7 pro 32bit(updated), 2gb DDR2, 1gb Geforce 9600 GT

      Pendrive - 4gb Kingston