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    bios update failed D945GTP


      intel board tool info:




      Microsoft* Windows* XP Professional



      now the bios wont update justs fails


      1st tried the NT94510J.86A.1788.EB.EXE that one failed (basically the same way as next bios update below, even though windows popup at start said the was install was complete sucessfully which it didnt)



      used NT94510J.86A.4131.EB.EXE

      let reboot then get


      Error start


      current revision: NT94510J.86A.3528.2006.0208.1102

      Updating to revision: NT94510J.86A.4131.2009.1122.2232


      Preparing Image for recovery firmware  ...   [done]

      Preparing Image for main firmware ...  [failed!] (5240 byte overflow)


      Flash Update Falied!


      Technical Information: (0x8000000b, 1202)


      Error end


      i have a ipex convergence

      (pcwizard info, Mainboard : Intel D945GTP Chipset : Intel i945G/GZ Processor : Intel Pentium D 940 @ 3200MHz)

      Windows XP Pro SP3, 3g memory, and ATI radeon HD 5450 graphics.

      internal 2 sata hard drives (1st main drive 80gb, 2nd split partitioned x 2 160gb each) and internal liteon sata dvd burner.


      So what can i do?