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    DG41RQ Issue


      The issue I'm having has already been discussed - install Windows 7, it installs happily, then after the final reboot, it sits on a blank screen with a blinking command prompt cursor, doing nothing.


      I've tried to common solution (switch to Legacy mode for SATA). No avail.


      I've tried removing all unneccessary components, save the DVD drive (for installing Windows 7) and a single hard drive, which gets 1 partition (formatted and repartitioned with each install attempt). No avail.


      Another solution was to use AHCI mode - the option to do so is not in the BIOS, anywhere.


      After a few attempts at getting it to work, I updated the BIOS to a more recent revision, trying everything yet again. Still, no avail.


      Most of the install attempts were 64 bit - I tried to install 32 bit Win 7 a few times - again, to no avail.


      I've tried every combination of hardware and BIOS settings I can - with a fresh install of Windows 7 along side each configuration.



      Is there something I'm missing? Any help with this issue would be most welcome.

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          Can you test another CPU?

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            I've got a Core 2 Duo I can play with - not anytime soon, however.


            The current CPU (Core2 Quad Q9550) was working last week, before we replaced the motherboard (previous motherboard died).


            In the meantime, any other suggestions?

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              You said that: install Windows 7, it installs happily, then after the final reboot, it sits on a blank screen with a blinking command prompt cursor, doing nothing.


              Trough the POST can you see the BIOS display screen?


              Try to put the drive on another system with a USB caddy. Is it recognized? Do you get any errors?


              Your HDD could be faulty- Have you tried a different one?


              You could also try to install a different operating system- Just to verify if it is a hardware issue or software.


              Kind Regards




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                true all very valid suggestions, the reason teh first thing i said was the CPU becuase i have seen a couple of times with that exact board the exact same symptoms, and it happened to be teh CPU, god knows why or how considering you can install the OS without an issue..but tehre us go

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                  Tried 2 different hard drives - no avail.


                  The Windows 7 installer works fine. Formats, installs, is happy. The PC reboots - and boots Windows from the hard drive for the first time, where the PC name, network settings, user accounts and windows update settings are finalised. Afterwards, the PC reboots so Windows can start properly, and then it just stalls.


                  I'm thinking the problem may be Win7's default driver set might not be compatible with the motherboard - the first windows boot is probably some sort of safe mode start.


                  So, I'm downloading as many windows updates as I can, and slipstreaming them into a new install disc. It may solve the problem.

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                    Tried new hard drives, new Win7 disc (both 32 bit and 64 bit installations). No go. Little help?

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                      I'm also having the same problem!! The exact same thing happened to me as well! My previous motherboard died and i replaced with DG41RQ. And i bought a new 500 HDD too. I installed Windows 7. Installing perfect without any troubles. After reboot blank screen appears with the cursor blink on the left top corner! After that i installed Windows Vista! I faced the same problem again! After that i installed Windows XP. And it's working perfect without any troubles! And i'm using Windows XP now. But i seriously wanted to use the latest Windows 7! But with this DG41RQ Mother board i couldn't make it.


                      So far the only solution which i found is to install Windows XP!!

                      I would be glad if anyone could help me/us to install Windows 7 in this DG41RQ motherboard!

                      If anyone knows pleeeeeeeeeeaaseeeee helpp....




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                        Not to worry ..

                        Below steps will help to resolve the issue..


                        You have to rewrite the boot sector to resolve this issue..


                        Insert the Windows 7 DVD to the drive .. and Boot from DVD .. you will reach the screen where its mentioned Click "Install" for new installation..


                        Do not click on install you will get an option on bottom side of the page "Repair your computer" ..


                        Select the same system will ask the repair mode .. select command prompt as repair option  ..


                        Once you reach the command prompt  .. type below codes..


                        bootrec/fixboot .. Press enter .. you will get message operation completed sucessfully.. if not type bootrec\fixboot

                        Then type bootrec/fixmbr  ... Press enter .. you will get message operation completed sucessfully.. if not type bootrec\fixmbr


                        Restart the machine and boot from HDD...




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                          thanksssssss very very much


                          you have solved my hell of problems....

                          thnks for your command prompt



                          Abdur Rehman