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    Intel DX58SO Memory Problem With SLI Mode


      I have the intel DX58SO board.  I don't know what revision it is but it is the latest one with the SATA ports at a 90 degree angle to aviod a problem with the video cards.  Intel also had the 4 pin molex connector removed by the first PCI express slot for auxiliary power to the video cards.  Anyway my problem is this; I have 6 GB of memory installed and I am running Windows 7 32bit.  I had 3.74 GB usable with a rating of 7.9 on the rating system.  I was running a single Asus GTX470 video card.  I installed another exact same card for SLI mode.  Now I only have 2.74 GB of useable memory and my rating score dropped to 5.5.  Is this normal?  Why did I lose a GB of system RAM?  Here are my system specs:


      Intel I7 Core Processor 940 2.93 ghz

      Intel DX58SO motherboard

      Corsair TR3X6G1600C8D Triple Channel memory.  Dominator 3 X 2GB modules. XMP Profile 1600. (I also used the default setting with no difference).

      (2) Asus GTX 470 Video cards with SLI bridge atached.

      Antec 1200W power supply

      (2) 300GB Velociraptor Hard Drives in AHCI mode

      Windows 7 32bit

      BIOS version 5417