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    Intel GMA 500 without monitor...




      I have a PC with Intel GMA500 Graphics Chip and want to use it withou any monitor connected.

      it should only be controlled remotely via UltraVnc


      the problem is, that windows switches to graphics mode 640x480 and 4bit (!!) colours if no monitor is connected: so only 16 colours available.


      the same also happens without UltraVnc: if I just start Windows without the monitor and then connect the monitor after some minutes.


      so it is not a problem of UltraVnc.


      how can I tell the Intel GMA 500 driver to use e.g. 1024x768 and 32bit colours as default?


      or is there any other way to set this in Windows?

      or is there an other driver, I could use, ...


      thanks in advance


      note: when I completely uninstall the Intel driver, then windows will at least use the VGA-save driver which will show 16bit of colours.