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    Intel Pro ET Quad port Server Adapter Hyper V Server Teaming Connectivity problems


      Intel Pro ET Quad port Server Adapter Hyper V Server Teaming Connectivity problems.


      We have a clustered HyperV R2 Core server environment. We have 4  Dell R610 Hosts, each with 2 IntelPro ET Quad Port adapters in each.


      We have 3 teams created with NICS added across network cards. There is a 4 port VMLB team, and 2 2 port ALB teams. THere are 3 Vlans configured to run over the VMLB Team.


      Problems that we are experiencing are Connections on the VMLB team are not stable, they work for some servers and they do not work for others, Live migration of HyperV clients tends to make connectivity problems worse, or change the machines having the connectivity issues at that time. Turning off VMLB and using ALB appears to resolve the majority of the connectivity issues.


      I have used the process http://www.intel.com/support/network/sb/CS-029966.htm to create teams and appropriate VLANS.


      We have updated the driver on the hosts to version 15.2 and are finding that we still have the same problem. After installing this driver I am finding that I am unable to update this to the latest version and am having to rebuild each host to update to 15.5. After having rebuilt the host I am now unable to add this host to the failover cluster as one of the 2 port ALB teams attached to a hyperV team is not able to send/receive ping any adapters on that teeams subnet.


      I have logged support calls with my hardware vendor. They have reproduced the problems and also do not have a fix.


      Any Ideas on any of these problems?