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    SSD on win 7 works periodically

      Hi there.

      I own an SSD (80gb) and since the last 3 days, I am trying to clone my hard disc.

      I use Acronis for back up. I also try Paragon for back up.

      When I used Acronis to clone my hard disc with the OS (win 7), I check the box with the NT Signature. After the copy, I unplug the old hard disc... and leave the SSD. That was! It worked!

      I shut down the computer... Switch it on again... and it stucks on "windows loading".

      I try everything. I also try to instal windows 7 from the beginning.

      After the installation finishes... it worked.

      I did a restart and then stucks again.

      I select system repair. It repairs the problem.

      Then It starts again normaly.

      After some hour, I decide to restart my PC.

      Again the same problem.

      Now I decide to use my SSD with the laptop. If I face the same problem, I am afraid that I have to ask for a replace.

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          Hello I would like to let you know that the regular tools for back up or mirroring does not apply for Solid state drives, I would like to recommend the following tool from Intel: Intel® Data Migration Software, The Intel® Data Migration Software copies your drive's contents from your old storage device to your new Intel® Solid-State Drive.  The software can help make this transition smooth and painless. you can find this tool at the following link: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=19324&lang=eng

          I hope this helps with this issue.

          Also I would like to let you know that if the solid state drive is not responding we recommend performing a secure erase, if the issue persists please contact the solid state drive support at the following phone number: 916 377 7000 option 6.