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    4965 AGN Not getting N speeds


      I have a HP pavillion dv2915nr laptop, and I just replaced the built-in wireless G card with a wireless N capable Intel 4965AGN mini-PCIe card (it has 3 antenna ports but my laptop only has 2 wires, but I've read that you don't need to be using all 3 antennae to get N speeds).
      I have a Netgear WNDR3300 dual band N router, set to "Up to 270 mbps at 2.4 GHz" mode, channel 11.
      I also have a separate D-Link DAP-16522 wireless bridge that connects my desktop PC, NAS drive, and print server to the wireless network. The laptop, of course, connects wirelessly direct to the Netgear router.
      I'm getting an excellent signal and a stable connection and it works fine for internet use. But the reason I upgraded to wireless N is for home network video streaming, and currently I'm getting no more than 15 mbps throughput on files I transfer from the NAS drive to my wireless laptop. Also, when I view the status of my laptop's wireless connection, it never shows more than the maximum G speed of 54 mbps.
      I am not expecting anywhere near the advertised 300 mbps wireless N speeds, but since I paid for N equipment, I'd like a little more bang for the buck than I'm getting now. I've tried numerous tweaks- changing the security and other router settings, moving router and laptop around, etc. I have even tried a separate USB wireless N adapter and I'm still getting only G speeds.


      I had it originally set on WPA encryption, then I tried WPA2, but that didn't have an effect, then I tried no security at all and that didn't have an effect either. On the properties of my Intel adapter, it only lists a, b, and g as wireless modes (even though it is an N capable adapter, so I bought a wireless N USB adapter to test out but that didn't get me above g speeds either.

      Any ideas on why I'm not getting N speeds? Thanks in advance for your help!

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          there are several reasons why you get a speed of up to 54mbps only.

          1.since the adapter has 3 antenna ports, you will need 3 antennas to be able to fully utilize the card's capability. connecting to 2 antennas is fine but the card won't be able perform its fullest capacity.

          2. wireless authentication - for testing purposes try no authentication, see if the speed exceeds 54mbps or not.

                                           Configure the Wi-Fi client device's profile to use Wi-Fi Protected Access* (WPA2-AES or WPA2-TKIP).  More info here.


          Hope this is helpful.