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    dumb move - can it be saved


      I have a D945 GCNL with a E2200 processor and 2gig of Crucial memory. I was in the bios and am not sure why but opened the memory timing header. I  saw three ways to set memory. I opened the  manual aggressive and saw a   cas-latency that in theory should make the system faster.  Instead of exiting Ilike I should haven I hit the open key and got an immediate black screen. Now when I try to boot the system I get three beeps and the black screen. I have tried both the onboard video and a video card with the same results.


      Have I fried the  board or memory, or is there a way to get the system back and running?  For what I use this machine for it is actually overkill so would like to save it. It was running great before I messed in the bios.


      Thanks for any help.