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    DH55TC & Core i5-760 related problems


      My home PC is configured as below :

      DH55TC Motherboard

      Core i5-760 Processor

      NVIDIA GT 240 1 GB DDR3 Graphics Card

      2 x 2 GB DDR3 1066 RAM Modules

      LG W2243T-PF 23" Monitor

      WinFast GlobalXP 2000 TV Tuner Card

      1.5 TB & 1 TB Seagate HDD's

      650 W SMPS

      I'm facing the follwing problems :

      1. My PC boots with two distinct single short beeps in the following
         order :

         i.   First beep

         ii.  Intel BIOS Logo

         iii. Second beep

         iv.  Boot Menu

         and it boots into the OS of my choice.
         I've used several Intel Motherboards & Processors prior to

         this but never experienced any beep. Intel's website says

         that this is due to Parity Error. I'm confused.

      2. From the BIOS screen to my OS desktop the monitor display

         size remains reduced with a black border on each side until

         I install the drivers for my Graphics Card. From then onwards

         the monitor screen size remains as before but after booting

         into my OS I get full screen display. I was using DG35EC

         Motherboard, E7200 Processor, 2 GB DDR2 RAM &

         NVIDIA 8600 GT Graphics Card just before this upgrade

         & my monitor (which I didn't change) display always remained

         full screen - even in BIOS.

      3. There is no display if I boot without the Graphics Card. I

         tested the Graphics Card on another system & found it to be OK.

      4. I tested my system with a NVIDIA 9600 GT Graphics Card & found
         that the same situation persists.

         Kindly help me resolve these doubts.

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          I've been working on this board for a long time and the 2 beeps on startup are normal.  You don't have to worry about anything.


          The only time that the parity beeps come it's in a quick sequence, there's really no pause inbetween the tones.


          The graphics card issue is probably just in your bios, just have to change it over to exclusively use the onboard video or the graphics card.  I believe the default is set for auto and that might not be best for your configuration.

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            Re item 3):

            This motherboard uses the H55 chipset. My understanding is that this chipset is designed to work with processors that have the Intel graphics processor built onto the CPU chip itself, ie "on die." Examples include i3-540 and i5-6xx CPUs. The i5-760 is NOT one of these CPUs. Therefore, this motherboard/CPU combination cannot access built-in Intel graphics; it can ONLY use the graphics processor from a separate video card.