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    eSATAp on Intel Rapid Storage

      Hi I am writing this hoping to bring attention & awareness to the Intel Developer team or respective deparment.


      This morning, I am horrified to see the speed of 20MB -15MB/s on this new Lenovo Y460 with Intel Rapid Storage.

      I have google & read that I am not the only person with this problem.

      I am very certain this limitation lies etiher in the IRS driver or chipset, as reported by many other users in various forums too, so please look into it.

      Some user advice turning off write caching.. It did help a little.



      I have personally been selling & supporting eSATAp (eSATA/USB or Power over eSATA) for almost 2 year.

      We CAN reach 60MB/s to 90MB/s on any old machine. XP, Windows 7, Intel or VIA chipset board, BIOS IDE or AHCI.

      We can also hotswap using Hotswap! software. Even IDE devices can be hotswap by hotswap!

      Our eSATAp is just a simple USD 12 Delock bracket. It can even power up a 3.5" HDD on a single cable (with 12v rail).


      There have been too many misconception, that eSATA can only work with AHCI, Win7, & need an add on card solution etc.   Even IDE devices can be hotswap by hotswap! This is because eSATAp or eSATA simply translate the onboard SATA signal. It should be the most simplest form of high speed technology. I personally uses a Delock USD 12 bracket.


      This is why I am certain..simplicity is beauty. Please look into IRS. Many many users are affected.


      Specs of Y460

      Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

      4GB of DDR3 SDRAM (1066MHz),

      Intel Core i5-520M