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    Intel ICH9 - SSD drive not bootable in RAID mode, IDE works fine

      I have 2 Raid-1 500 and 750 GB on my Asus P5-E motherboard (x38+ I9CH). I've recently bought Corsair Force F-80 to use it as a boot drive. But the motherboard can't see it while in RAID mode. The ssd doesnt appear in boot priority list,it doesnt appear in the hard drive list, it doesnt appear in the intel bios screen, even as a non raid drive. Only HDDs are shown there.Tried to plug a HDD instead of the SSD - it immediatly appeared as a non RAID drive. Though after starting up Windows an Intel Storage Manager correctly detects the SSD as a non raid drive. SSD's Smart is ok.
      In IDE mode all is ok and it is bootable and I've successfully installed OS (Windows 7 x64) on it, benchmark showed nice stats. So I guess the problem has something to do with intel I9CH bios?
      Motherboard has latest (12.01) Asus drivers, I've also tried cmos reset.