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    USB Standby power in DP55WB ?


      Hi !

      My DP55WB mobo currently doesn't provide any +5 VSB power on any of its USB ports. How can I activate it ?

      I have the latest (version 0310 from 28:th of July, 2010) BIOS and I have tried to change the USB Power management (disabled "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power") settings in the (Win7 Ultimate) Device Manager with no luck (the setting gets enabled by itself after next reboot).

      I have some devices (a wireless mouse and MP3 player) that needs to be recharged form a USB port, so this is a major issue for me. My older mobo (ASUS) and all PC's in my office all supports +5 when the PC is off, so surely this mobo can do it someway too, right ?


      TIA & Cheers !

      /Mathias, Senior Systems Engineer & IT Manager