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    Help with motherboard (Mother INTEL DH55PJ) and GFX card(GTS250).


      Hello, it's my first post here, since this is my first Intel motherboard and chip.


      I'm having problems with my GFX card, it's pretty strange. The motherboard is an Intel DH55PJ, and the card is an Nvidia GTS 250.

      The motherboard just doesn't recognize it, but if I place an old GT 7300 Nvidia card, it picks it up without a problem, so I know it's not the PCIE slot.

      When I try using the GTS 250, I get that black screen and two beeps that are described in the faqs, where it states that the mobo is not picking up the GFX card. So after doing that, I took back the GTS 250 to have it tested where I bought it. When we got there it worked without a problem.


      So, both the motherboard and the card are working.


      I've also checked the PCIE settings in the BIOS, but I'm not quite sure  which are the correct ones. I set bios settings for the GFX cards and set it to auto and PCIE (PEG), but still no luck.


      I have an 850W power supply, and the power is connected to the GFX card. So I really don't think is a power issue.


      Could anybody lend me a hand? Because honestly, this is driving me crazy, it just doesn't make sense.

      Or there's something wrong in the BIOS settings, which is really strange, because like I said before, my old 7300 GT worked fine. Or the GFX and mobo are not compatible, which I really doubt.


      Could the SPDIF cable have anything to do with this?


      Anything that might help, will be greatly appreciated.