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    Is FRUSDR28.efi file available?


      Flashed my Intel S5520SC motherboard using the S5520HC/S5500HCV/S5520SC firmware update package.  Everything appeared to update ok accept for the SDR revision that remained at 0.21 rather than the expected version 0.28.  In reviewing the files in the update package, only the FRUSDR.efi file dated 12/24/2009 was found rather than the FRUSDR28 file mentioned in the release notes.  Is there a package available to update the SDR to version 0.28?

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          The FRUSDR.efi does not need to  be frusdr28.efi. Actually, the frusdr.efi is the efi executable utility which should be used to update the frusdr version. If you check the startup.nsh, you will see that it is the master.cfg which are updated each time the package is run. As you can see, the master.cfg seems to be as of 30/04/2010.


          As a reference, you can check previous firmware packages.


          Try to update the whole firmware package again. Possibly do a cmos clear before the update if needed.

          What about the BMC version? Has it been updated to the latest version? Which version?


          Refer to these links if needed:




          Otherwise, you can copy the file FRUSDR25.nsh from the folder EFISCRIPTS to the root directory of the usb key. And once you are on the efi shell, you can type in FRUSDR25.nsh. Remember nsh file are similar to our batch file where nsh runs on efi and bat runs on dos.


          Or simply type this command:

          frusdr -cfg master.cfg


          Other link:



          Let us know how it goes.


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            After the first flash attempt, the BMC was  revised from 0.48 to 0.53 and the HSC was revised from 0.0 to 75.415.  The ME  remained at 1.12 and SDR at 0.21.       Using the FRUSDR25.nsh file as you recommended, the SDR was revised to 0.28. Everything is now up to.date.

            Aryan, thank you very much.   Phil Emery