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    Seq read performance with Intel X25V SSD



      I am trying to measure the seq 100%read performance of Intel X25V SSD on linux machine.  Issue that I see here is that I am getting different IOPS with different states of the disk i.e consider the below two cases

      1) erase the disk -> run rand 100%write -> seq 100% read

      2) erase the disk -> run seq 100% write -> seq 100% read

      IOPS are different in both the above cases (varying by 5K to 6K).  Same behaviour is seen even with seq read done after some seq/rand writes.

      Is this behavriour due to wear-leveling done in SSD ? If yes, what is the best way to capture seq 100% read performance ?


      Am I missing anything in setup ?


      Thank you in advance.


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