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    Why do my HDDs keep dying?


      I have issues with my HDDs dying constantly.  It started out with 3 Seagate drives.  Within a year all 3 died.  I did an RMA on each one twice, the HDDs lasted months each.


      I finally upgrade my power supply, get the new Intel DX58SO board (had a 680i Nvidia board before) new processor, new ram, new cables.


      So I install Windows 7 on a WD hdd.  Shut down, unplug it, plug in a 1gb Hitachi Hdd, install XP on it.  Power down again, plug both HDDs in and select which HDD to boot from, depending on what I'm doing.


      This works great for 2-3 months, but then suddenly my PC won't boot to either drive.  The windows loading screen will freeze up, until I unplug the faulty HDD.  Then the other will boot just fine. 


      So being sick of this, I go out on Saturday and get the Intel X-25m SSD 80gb drive.  Install windows 7 to it like described above, no problem!  very quick hdd.  Did all the win updates, and then went back to my XP drive


      Today, the SSD kept pausing and locking up, and when I boot the exact same symptoms.  Neither XP nor Windows 7 will load with the SSD plugged in now.


      What is causing hdd's to die on me like this?  I have a Gigabyte Aurora case which is the only component which is the same.  Speedfan reports temperatures to be just fine, even on load?


      I don't do anything unusual I wouldn't think.  My friends torrent a ton, and constantly move data around more often than I do, and their drives are years and years old.

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          Well, I managed to boot into my SSD finally.  I tried to run the Intel Solid State Drive Toolbox "Full Scan" tool, but it's like my PC keeps locking up.  It froze at 1%.


          I closed out of it, and as I continued to use my computer, it stopped locking up.  Right now I'm running the intel tool once more, as well as HD tune pro and neither one reports a problem.  Not sure if this will continue to happen later on or not, but I'll update this if so.

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            Save yourself some headaches and replace the power supply or the hard drive cables.  You will likely have this problem again.

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              I have replaced the cables, and the power supply.  From Thermal take 700 watt to a XFX well reviewed 650 watt PS.  I've ordered a 900 watt UPS from Newegg which I will plan on using.


              though i'm honestly sure the power supply and surge protector I already use regulate power just fine.

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                If the case is the common problem then it must be shorting your system.  Do the case fans fluctuate?  Even the CPU fan speed is a better indicator of health than the temps since it should be keeping them constant, at least at idle.  Other programs should give some indication of problems.  Desktop Utilities would start to malfunction and taskbar icons may not appear when they should or be corrupted.   I would verify the case fan wires and if they have LEDs then they may not light up.  This can all still be attributable to something like a hard drive cable.  Is anything else common like the optical drive or peripherals?

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                  maybe problem is with the board.

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                    no, i've replaced all cables, power supply, MB is INTEL, not some asus or evga thing.


                    my SSD threw the 'disk read error' again today,had to unplug it to boot into XP on my other hdd.  optical drive is new and a different model, has been for a few months.


                    is it somehow my case?  that is the only thing that hasn't changed.  it's a gigabyte aurora.  it seems ok and speedfan and intel's coretemp apps have confirmed temps are ok.

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                      > I finally upgrade my power supply, get the new Intel DX58SO board (had a 680i Nvidia board before) new processor, new ram, new cables.


                      Have you had an electrician check the power?

                      Do you use a UPS?

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                        Hello , you know if  the pc it's close to some type of strong electromagnetic source ??

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                          You should monitor the location of the system partition created by Windows 7 in Disk Management, since it may end up on another drive.  Your drives may still be OK but you have changed connections and lost detection.  Drives can be disabled or uninstalled in Device Manager and removing the CMOS battery will reset the BIOS if you can't change the settings in the BIOS itself.  If you use AHCI, the BIOS will reset to default IDE emulation for SATA drives.  A short caused by the case would cause more problems than only the HDs.

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                            How's your anti-virus software?


                            If / when it crashes, do you repartition and re-format HDD? Any errors or do the HDD recover? If they recover, its not the HDD.


                            HDD are normally sensitive to heat, vibration / movement and magnetic fields.

                            SSD are much less sensitive to everything. Heat can hurt them , but it has to be a lot.


                            Vibration, from fans or external sources is the most likely suspect after a virus.

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                              not sure how win7 could install a partition on a disconnected hdd, on an install anyway.  elaborate?


                              as far as a/v software, i used to use comodo, but found it to be annoying as hell.  i switched to microsoft security essentials a month or so ago.


                              (hdds die with both configurations fyi)  As for the hdds, nothing will post with a "bad" HDD plugged in.  once i figure out which one is the problem, i unplug it, boot to another os, and do my backlog of work for the day after troubleshooting this crap.


                              think i should just get a business level dell next time,  let them deal with this **** when it happens.  i'm sick of it, i've already paid in data, hdds, and shipping costs to get POS replacement drives that last a few months.   Anyone working for intel read this forum?  send me a pos e-machine, i'll send you my pc.  if you can figure this out or fix it, i'll be a single happy consumer who will sing your praises. 




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                                So, after replacing my motherboard, another HDD died once more.


                                I've moved my PC.  I have a backup UPS (850 watt) and now sport two more hdds.  I use my SSD primarily, and now back up my data to both HDDs.  I have replaced every component except for my monitor, HDDs keep dying after 2-6 months.


                                I've even replaced my PC case, in case the old one was haunted or something.  didn't help.

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                                  Had one more HDD die in the new setup.

                                  Current setup:  Win 7 x64 on Intel SSD.  Backing up to a 1 gb samsung hdd each week.  2nd 1gb samsung hdd for misc things that aren't important.

                                  So far, things have been ok.

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                                    I had an issue with adding new hard drives to stable systems.  The partition was moved to the new drives.  This would be fine if the intent was to migrate to the new drive as the boot drive with a new OS install.  The new cable was suspected (used on both systems) but it seems hard drive detection can be the problem.  Are you using an external drive for backups?

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