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    D945GSEJT standby power?

      Hi, all.

      I want to know D945GSEJT's exactly standby power.

      I can't find this information in Intel spec. document.


      So, i tested myself.

      To test, I used 12V 2A AC Adaptor.


      First, i tested with Kill-A-Watt



      Standby Power, AC Adaptor only: 0Watt

      Standby Power, with board: Just 0~1Watt


      But, Kill-A-Watt can't measure.decimal point.

      So, I used other product similar to Kill-A-Watt.

      It can represent two decimal places.



      Standby Power,  AC Adaptor only: 0.7Watt

      Standby Power, with board: 1.4Watt


      But, i know that D945GSEJT board's standby power is just <1W.




      What is correct?