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    Clarkdale Intel Graphics Monitor Detected as a Digital Televison


      Trying to get a new PC to go to sleep correclty.  Everything works, except the monitor, which stays on.  Looking at the Graphics Properties in the Intel software, I find my monitor (Hanns.G HG281) is being detected as a Digital Television with no apparent way to change it.  Because of that, the monitor stays on and will not sleep.  I note on the nVidia forums that people have this same problem with this monitors and some Viewsonics and Acer ones.  The monitor only has an HDMI input and a VGA input. If I use the VGA input, the monitor sleeps correctly but the image quality suffers.  If I connect a smaller 20" Dell monitor via the DVI port, the monitor also sleeps correctly and is identified as a Digital Monitor instead of a Digital Television.  I have used both the HDMI output on the motherboard and the HDMI output to the Hanns-G to no avail.


      In the nVidia world, setting a registry value overrides this treatment, but this setting isn't recognized by the Intel driver as I believe the setting is nVidia-specific.  That setting is "OverrideEdidFlags0" and goes in a very specific place in the registry that I won't delve into.


      I'm sure that Intel would point the finger at Hanns-G and Hanns would point to Intel.  At any rate, if there's a way to get the Intel driver to treat the monitor as a Monitor instead of a television, that would PROBABLY fix it.  I believe that the Intel driver sees HDMI on the other end and is making an assumption that the device must be a television and doesn't do the right thing and power down the monitor.  I do note that the signal is cut (monitor displays a "check cable" message) but must still be sending power/audio/something down the HDMI cable that prevents the monitor from turning off.