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    3945ABG Drivers Crashing XP


      Hey there,


      Before I begin my rant let me thank anyone who can help.


      I have an Acer Aspire 5920 which came with Vista Home Premium or Basic. I upgraded to 7 and recently I got a virus and decided to downgrade to XP. I couldn't get any XP discs to work with SATA drivers on so in the end I had to go into the bios and change the SATA Mode from AHCI Mode to IDE Mode which enabled me to install XP SP3. I then found various places with the drivers for my 3945ABG Wireless Adapter but everytime I tried to install them the whole OS froze and all I could do was crash it. I removed the Wireless card from the laptop which enabled me to install the drivers but when I loaded up XP it crashed on the loading screen. Safe Mode crashes as soon as the desktop appears.


      I changed the SATA Mode back in the BIOS but that prevented XP loading and produced a BSOD.


      What can I do to get XP SP3 working with this piece of hardware?




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          looks like you have to first figure out if you're going to use SATA or IDE mode.  The BSOD you've encountered in the end is caused by the your xp being installed on IDE mode then changed to SATA mode later. if you go back to SATA, you will have to reinstall your OS. i would suggest stick with ide since xp can't install on sata mode.