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    My Computer Chassis gives me an Electric Shock when I touch it!


      I recently upgraded my computer system. I have an Intel DH55TC mother board, before this I had an Intel 945G motherboard. The Chassis is the old one (The one I got with 945G) as I couldn't find a good chassis this time (I was not satisfied with any). It never happened when I had 935G motherboard. When I got this new system from the dealer and brought it home, I couldn't switch it on. I took it back to the dealer, he said maybe motherboard is earthed and put a page between motherboard and the chassis, I brought it home, everything was okay, it was not earthed and it didn't give me shocks. A few days ago I touched the chassis and I was shocked with an electric shock. Even the curved metallic part of my headphones gave me a shock and the USB extension port too, everything metallic is giving shocks, I touched the Hard Disk after opening the Chassis and it gave me a shock. The shock is powerful, once I touched a friend's system; it gave me a shock but not this much shocking. I don't know how this problem is started. Can anyone please help me? I keep my system well managed and organised and I can't stand the idea of my system giving an electric shock. I told a friend and he said this is because of the moisture in air, can this be the reason?