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    Secure Erase?


      Is there an easy way to do Secure Erase on the Mac with the X-25 M G2 (Without taking the SSD out?) Thanks

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          hi you try HDAT2 , but AFAIK you will need to make a bootable disk

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            if I have access to a newer Dell Laptop what can I do? If I take the SSD out of the Mac and put it in the Dell how can I secure erase it?    

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              HDDErase is one program which can issue secure erase command. it is a dos program, so you need to boot to dos and execute it. either via a CD or a USB flash drive, or floppy drive. version 3.3 of the program is known to work, but apparently v4.0 works in some. personally i have only used 3.3


              Note: you must make sure the computer/laptop drive controller SATA mode is in "compatible/IDE" mode rather than AHCI with this program. because you are booting into dos, it has no knowledge of SATA AHCI controllers.


              edit: I haven't used the feature yet, but Intel's new SSD Toolbox v2.0 supposedly includes a secure erase feature. I'm guessing it only applies to secondary SSDs in a system (i.e. you can't secure erase a drive which you're actively working on ).


              If your Dell laptop that you have access to has 2x SATA bays, you would be able to just place the SSD in the second bay and use the SSD Toolbox within windows.



              (Great timing! I have a 40GB X25-V which I've just stress-tested for a week; now I should be able to just hook it up to my desktop box here and secure-erase it within Windows, rather than having to boot to DOS.)