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    Setting up RAID 0 drive on DP45SG


      I put together a PC based on the DP45SG motherboard in February of 2009 and it's been running great.  To speed up some software I'm using (video & photo editing as well as 3D) I want to set up a RAID 0 array based on my primary drive (where my OS and software are installed).  I've never done this before but I need to since some of the software is painfully slow sometimes.  I read the online manual for the motherboard and it says I can set up a "RAID ready" system wherein I won't have to reinstall my OS.  My question is: What about the rest of my software on this drive (my C: drive - I'm still in the habit of running all software off my primary drive and using the others just for storage)?  Will it still function after installing and configuring the RAID array or will I have to reinstall all of it (other than the OS)?  I purchased the drive today and still intend to set up the array regardless, I'm just looking for the most "painless" way to do it.

      Thanks for your help,