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    Is 1.6v DRAM voltage safe for i5 750?




      I recently ran into problems keeping my stock i5 750 system stable on 8Gb of 1333MHz CL9 RAM at the standard 1.5v.  My system ran fine at the said RAM speed, timings and voltages with a single 4Gb RAM kit.  But after adding another 4Gb DIMM kit to the system, I began having DRAM timing problems, BSODs and crash dumps indicating memory mangement errors. I contacted the DIMM manufacturers and they advised me to set the DRAM timings manually in the BIOS and raise my DRAM voltage to 1.6v.  Since they assured me that thjis should be safe, I did so, and the abovementioned problems disappeared. Four hours of Memtest86+ and some runs of the Intel Burn Test have yielded no errors (63°C max temp at full load, which is just about normal for my PC).


      I can't seem to find any official documentation on the maximum safe DRAM voltages for the i5 750.  So my question is, do I risk damaging my CPU by running on 1.6v DRAM voltage?  There are a lot of memory manufacturers out there that produce low latency 1333MHz DIMMs that run on 1.6v, claiming these are compatible with the i5 series.  I've been told, however, that DRAM voltages above 1.5v will likely damage the i5 750.  Can anyone offer some informed insight on this matter, or provide a link to the information I need?