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    G41 Express and HDMI Issues


      Hopefully someone can help me out.  I've got a Gigabyte G41M-ES2H rev 1.3 that's got HDMI out.  I can get a signal to the TV (Samsung HL6187w) using a setting of 1280x720 in the Intel Control Panel.  However, using 1920x1080 results in the TV continually flashing a "Not Supported Mode" screen.  The TV does, in fact, support 1920x1080 so it has to be something in what the board is sending out.  Secondly, even though the signal is stable at 1280x720 there is SEVERE overscan.  I understand that I can use the Horizontal/Vertical scaling sliders to adjust for it, but it noticeably degrades the picture quality.  Finally, even when I do use the sliders to adjust the screen down, the screen position needs to be moved to the left a couple of inches, i.e. there's a black "bar" on the left side of the screen.  The Intel software seems to have no way to adjust the screen position, which seems odd.  I've previously used both Nvidia and ATI products and both of their software packages have an adjustment for this.  So in summary:


      1. Has anyone else had issues with 1920x1080 video not being supported from the G41 chipset?
      2. Is there any "good" way to adjust for overscan with the Intel software?  The Horizontal/Vertical scaling sliders do the job, but not very well.
      3. How can I adjust screen position with the Intel software, or is there other software that I can use to do it.  Since this is a TV, it doesn't have screen adjustment options.


      Thanks in advance for the help.