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    Dg 31 pr Bios update issues.


      I have had my Boxed (three year warranty)  motherboard for almost 3 years.  I have spent countless hours over the years upgrading the bios to fix serious issues.  I have owned and built many intel computers of which I own 4 in my own house.  My issue is.  If all the board update the bios in under 30 seconds or less using the exe. file then why should I have to go through many painstaking steps to upgrade the one that needs it the most.  I took apart my computer and sent it to them so they could fix an error that says (Serious Error) during exe bios upgrades..  Maybe replace the bios chip or give me a new board that will do it right.  After 1 month of goofin around with intel they just upgraded my bios at intel and sent it back.  I thought by buying a boxed board and paying more I would get a no problems solution. Since the board is current I thought they would swap it with a newer one.  The phone support man said they would probably replace it since it was one of the 1st versions of the board.  I was expecting awesome service and received a technical slap in the face.  What do you think?

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          A word about board rev. some boards only have two or three REV. some have six or seven , Always try to get the latest REV. Because some BIOS updates will not fix everything on a REV 1 board where it might help a REV 5.

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            You wanted people opinion, here it is.

            I think that you are exaggerating when you said countless of hours over the years upgrading BIOS.

            If you really wasted so much time, you clearly do something wrong.


            Personally if I get a SERIOUS ERROR upgrading BIOS by .EXE I would use another method, FULL STOP.


            Your motherboard currently supports 3 ways to upgrade BIOS.


            As .EXE BIOS updates can be affected by many things such as ANTIVIRUS…BLA BLABLA… It is safer to upgrade BIOS by Recovery or ISO IMG.


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              Give specific instructions that are step by step and I will follow it.  Not go here get this file then go there read that and then maybe if you do it right it will go through.  I have a netbook by eee computers which can update its own bios.  Security or not I would like the simple approach.  I have a dg 41 and a 945 all intel, I had a 865,915,845,all were easy to upgrade.  This one if fiesty.  I think if the warranty was respected and there is a known problem there should have been a customer satisfaction allowance.  I always buy boxed 3 year warranty and have not once claimed anything.  This I felt warranted.   Jim

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                Intel Never replied to me,  I have explicitly recommended Intel Motherboards to all my friends.

                This really changes my opinion of what I thought was a top notch player.

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                  Well this is finally how it all ended up.  I returned the board.  Tech support updated my bios and sent it back.  They did not fix the problem.  They just updated the bios.  They could have taken better care of me but choose not to.  I ended up buying a dg43gt from intel and sold the old mother board for $25.00. By the way the new motherboard cost $45.00.  Which I think was an easier fix.  It updates, it does what it should.

                  I have learned that the 3 year warranty does not fix things it just patches on the cheap side doing the very minumum.  Well I fixed it no thanks to Intel support.  That is the Truth!