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    motherboard upgrade?


      Gateway 702GE desktop 6 yr old; South Lake P4 motherboard R0 D915GSN? 915 G chipset GMA 900 graphics Pentium 4 540 3.2 GHz3 GB ram.

      OS Win7 Home Premium Aero feature does not function.

      Is there a btx form factor motherboard and chip set that I can upgrade to in order to obtain Aero functionality?


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          Motherboard upgrade? Maybe or maybe not. Consult Gateway about your problem. They are in a better position to answer it.

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            Gateway will not  be helpful as the pc is long out of warranty and involves components they no longersupport or stock.I would think Intel would be the appropriatesource for info about the upgrade prospects.

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              Does your mother board have a open PCI-Ex16 Slot , you may want to consider adding a new graphics card , it takes alot of band width to run AREO and the onboard graphics may not be able to do it.

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                Yes, it has a pci-e16 slot and I bought an R4350-MD512H card which ran under Vista Home Premium but will not even bootup under Win7. That is why I am considering  upgrade to mobo & chipset, if there is a btx form factor mobo and chipset available that will fit into my case.

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                  BTX form is 10.5 X 8 , and is being fazed out , the closest you can get now is mATX , which is 9.6 X 9.6 , Intel makes serveral good boards in that size , But none for P4 unless you go hunting on Ebay for used. It sounds like it's time for a start from scratch New build , you can do , We have faith in you .

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                    I have been online for several hours looking at my options for building a desktop pc. I am considering an Intel Core 2 Duo E8600 cpu buti have not looked at enough mobos yet to make a choice. I am n ot a gamer so all I want is a reasonably fast pc with good graphics. In fact, the Core 2 Duo is probably not necessary.