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    Max. IOH speed, max GPUs speed


      There are two questions really.


      The first is: what is the  5520 chipset  to processor real max. speed?

      Is it limited by the QPI single-link or both links may work together? (in other words, is it limited to  raw 12.8GB/s or may support all four PCIe links at a time?


      The second is: have Intel mesured real bandwidth used by most modern AMD/NVIDIA GPU/GPGPUs?

      It's clear by their internal architecture that their theoretical max throughput may not exeed 1.25GB/s (so up to 6 GPUs may nicely share one x16 link (providing them all by switched x16 links). But is it possible to share the link between, say 8 (or even more) GPUs?


      The number of PCIe lines is limited, but a **** workstation needs not only ultra-fast graphics, but ultra-fast storage too.