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    Any Luck Connecting To Bluetooth Devices?


      I just recently bought a DP55SB which I'm enjoying quite a bit. As usual for me and Intel this board is running amazingly well. It has one feature that I really didn't care about and that's Bluetooth connectivity. However, since it's there and I have a Droid I figured I might as well give it a shot as copying files to the phone could be easier that way than the hassle of doing it wired via USB (at least theorectically).


      The first dilemma was the ridiculous header for the antenna. It took me WAY too much effort to get that antenna connected. Once I did I ran the wire out the back of my case, up the back wall and taped it at the very top edge of the case.


      I then managed to find my Droid easily enough. Howevever now I'm never able to connect to it or send/receive files involving it.


      Is anyone else reliably getting this to work and can anyone possibly suggest what might be wrong?