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    problems installing new board( DG43GT)


      I'm rebuilding a PC with a new motherboard( DG43GT) ,processor(intel pentium dual core E 5300 2.6 ghz 2M 800 mhz) and memory(Kingston PC5400 DDR2 667 mhz).

      Not the first time doing this but I got stuck .As soon as I power on I 1 beep and the blue Intel screen with the options "bios setup (f2)" and boot (f10) but I can not go anywhere.

      Keyboard is working perfectly and light is on.

      I got 4 new memories , I tried using just one ,then two and all the combinations.

      I tried switching the jumper position getting the same results.

      I thought that it was a defective board and I changed, same result.

      Please somebody help me before I crash this piece of s... on the floor! I'm not frustrated, I'm beyond that and regretting choosing this board.