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    CHKDSK runs almost always on startup/reboot


      This problem occured many months ago then just stopped.  Now it has started again.  Something is causing the 160 GB Intel G2 to become dirty such that Windows 7 Ultimate wants to run CHKDSK on startup.  Everytime it does CHKDSK finds no problem and continues to Windows logon.


      Is this an issue with the SSD or is something else happening causing Windows to think the drive is dirty.

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          I have a very similar problem.  I have a 9 month old HP laptop, that i self installed an 80GB G2 Intel drive in (win7 x64 premium).  Just in the last couple of days, everytime I start up, i get a message saying chkdsk neds to run, and it never finds a problem.  and boots normally.


          Running the intel SSD toolkit's full test returns all passed data.  What can be the issue?

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            This sounds like an SSD problem so I can't say much but if under normal maintenance Windows can't run CHDSK, it will do so on startup.  Does it ever run after startup?  I don't believe CHKDSK is normal at idle however and a clean install should clear the registry.