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    Graphics card issue


      Help an old coot figure it out. I have a Gateway 702GE desktop vintage 12/2004. I am trying to keep it alive another few years. The specs are:

      Intel Pentium 4  540 3.2 GHz

      Intel DX955XCS motherboard BTX Form Factor LGA 775 socket

      Intel  915 Express Chipset Family

      Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 on mobo

      Rocketfish sound card in PCI slot

      3 GB RAM

      Win7 OS


      In April 2010 I upgraded from Win XP to Vista Home Premium. The Intel GMA 900 would not provide the Aero feature of Vista. I ordered an MSIVGA card R4350-MD512H. I installed it, updated the drivers and it worked fine for my needs.Then I ran Win7 upgrade advisor to see the PC would accomodate Win7. It told me to uninstall the Catalyst video software and then upgrade. After upgrading, I cannot get the PC to boot up with the new video card. The power comes on as does the fan but nothing else happens. The monitor remains dark. Any troubleshooting suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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          If you got Vista running somehow you must be charmed.  I followed the upgrade advisor for my 915/Pentium 530 by adding RAM and a 7600GS graphics card but the first BIOS and drivers didn't work for me.  I think the BIOS listed now is an older version than I used.  Somewhere here, possibly in the Expert forum, they explain how the graphics is not compatible for upgrades.  I'm surprised the Windows 7 upgrade advisor still applies to your system.

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            Thanks, I'll browse the Expert forum. As for Vista, I had to do a clean install rather than an upgrade. Microsoft tech support guided me through it.They also helped with the Win7 upgrade but it went smoothly. As I said, the system worked great under Vista. And I think it will work under Win7 if I can just figure it out This old box is a good PC so I hope I can preserve it a while longer.

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              The page is http://communities.intel.com/message/2909#2909.  This only shows the need of a graphics card since the onboard x3000 graphics is XP driver model rather than the WD driver model that follows.  My aluminum case is still too loud after case and CPU fan changes or I would still use the 915 since it has OEM Office 2003 on it.  It is much more convenient for swapping drives and I test components like a wireless card. If you have not made any hardware changes or reconnections I don't know what your problem is.  Win 7 has been more troublesome due to the extra partition added and a TV tuner has also caused me to remove the CMOS battery numerous times on a newer system.

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                sept 2010 to feb 2011 long time but;;;press del key when you start it to open the bios and set the install disk as the boot  and restart it then the disk will start the system in stall.i don't have a specific reference maybe some one here will have 2cents for every one.


                        COMPATABILITY MODE MIGHT WORK.