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    "Windows cannot find any networks"  5100 AGN, Vista 64


      I've had issues with my wireless adapter, the Intel WiFi 5100 AGN, since I bought my laptop and have always been able to find temporary solutions around the problems, however now the issues have reached their pinnacle. I keep getting the message that "Windows cannot find any networks" when I try to connect to my router, even though I live in an apartment and there are at least a dozen networks in the area and my router works just fine with other laptops. When I first started using the router I would encounter this problem once a day where the adapter would stop working and I would have to restart the computer to get it working again. Now the connection won't last for more than a few seconds though it works fine when hooked up with an ethernet cable to my router, which is what I am using now.

      I have reinstalled the new driver multiple times, which has helped in the past, but now it does nothing. I have turned off the power saver option in the device manager that turns off the wireless adapter, and that hasn't helped either. I have tried manually resetting the adapter with the switch on my computer, nothing. I have combed the net for solutions and have found many people with the same problem with this adapter but no one has a solution. I have just gone past my warranty of 1 year, and am a little bitter that I didn't send the computer in for repair earlier but I felt that I could have fixed the problem myself using support centers such as this. Is my only option buying a new adapter? I hate the idea of spending that kind of money when I have a 1-year-old adapter that should have been working in the first place.

      I'm using Windows Vista 64 if that info helps.