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    Does ICH10R/Raid5 capacity expansion preserve data


      Hi I'm still new to RAID.

      I built a 3x1Tb RAID 5 (single volume) not long ago. I also have a non-raid 1Tb HDD. All are managed by my IMSM (v8.8)

      I want to do Capacity Expansion by adding the non-raid to the single volume.

      My question is whether my data will be preserved after the capacity expansion?

      I gather data on my existing array will be preserved, right?

      But my non-raid is not a new empty HDD. Will the data on my non-raid be preserved ?


      All physical HDD (including the non-raid) are the same size (1Tb) and same model too.

      I'm running Win7 64bit Ultimate with ICH10R.