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    RCCE V1.0.13 available


      RCCE V1.0.13 is available for anonymous SVN checkout from http://marcbug.scc-dc.com/svn/repository/


      This version has an improved RCCE_shmalloc().

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          Ted, is RCCE already available as a built version that we can link to when compiling on the hosts processors attached to our SCC. I have tried downloading and making but it is unclear what library you are supposed to link to and whether this library is available already.

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            Since RCCE is so easy to build and has several versions, we don't really provide a built version. Some users modify RCCE for their own use. I was about to say that another reason was that RCCE source changed frequently, but it hasn't recently, although the trunk currently is different from the latest release.


            For the simple RCCE programs I do, I just take the default, which is libRCCE_bigflags_nongory_nopwrmgmt.a. In fact the pwrmgmt version is not even built by default. You can see what libs are built by default in rcc/bin/SCC_LINUX. I also have always taken one of the sample makefiles under apps and modified it for my needs.


            Look in common/symbols.in. The library you use comes from ARCHIVE. If you modify symbols.in, be sure to issue a configure SCC_LINUX and remake. Changes to symbols.in are not propagated to symbols without the configure.