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    is the DP55WG produced with 4 and 6 Phase VRM ?



      i bought a DP55WG Mainboard and it only has 4 Phases for the CPU power supply, that is why i send it back. Most reviews of the Board indicate, that it in fact only has 4.

      But the Product Image on the intel Page clearly shows 6 Phases. So i am wondering if the 6 Phase design is a newer Production line and i got an old part and how i can tell before looking at the mainboard it has 4 or 6 Phases (is there any number that indicates that which i can tell my vendor, to prevent further sending and sending back).

      I hope my english is ok, Kind regards

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          Just to be in sync., would you mind confirming the following?:


          1. What exactly do you mean by "4 Phases for the CPU power supply" and/or "6 Phase design"?


          2. Regarding "Product Image on the intel Page", what image is that and/or what is the website you refer to?



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            Hello, thanks for your reply, im sorry, but im not a native english speaker.

            the direct translation from german "spannungswandler" would be Voltage Converter, or maybe voltage transformator.

            It is the part (if it hase 4 phases) right on one side of the cpu sockel (4 black blocks).
            If it has 6 Phases two addiontional blocks are on the corner and on the side of the cpu.
            the picture i reffer to is the normal product image on the intel page:
            you can see the 6 black blocks.
            the mainboard i got only has 4 of them. If i compare it to the image i can see two white squares right where the additional ones are on the picture but they were not placed there.
            as far as i know i got an older revision of the mainboard and the newer revisions have that 6 phases for the voltage transformator.
            since i could not exchange it at my vendor i now bought the dp55kg wich always has 6 phases for the voltage transformator.
            if you look at this review of both boards you can read :
            The main thing we noticed is that Intel removed two of the power phases so the DP55WG has just four total power phases.
            that is what i mean. and i hear that newer revisions of the dp55wg unlike in the review are produced with 6 power phases just as the biger dp55kg version.
            because i dont need any of the extras the dp55kg has, if it wasnt for the 6 power phases.
            so because i heard that revision thing and also saw it on the product picture i figuered that i could save some money.
            what made me wonder was, if you look at tis test :
            you can see the backside of the boxing clearly with the image of the mainboard with 6 phases
            and the actual mainboard with only 4 phases here
            and more specifit (also the white boarders that indicate that there "could" or "should" be 2 more power phases) here:
            i mean the black blocks with "pulse" on it
            wow sorry for my bad english i hope i could point out what i mean.
            so my question again would be if both are still produced or if it is just with the newer revisions that there are 6 phases or if there are never 6 phases and it always has 4 power phases.
            and further if my vendor doesnt agree on changing my dp55wg for the dp55kg. will intel eventually take the 4 phase dp55wg back and give me a 6 phase dp55wg instead ?

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              Can anyone confirm, that the DP55WG is also produced with 6 Power Phases, as the Board Picture on the Packaging shows ?

              And if i got a 4 Phase Mainboard will intel Exchange it for the 6 Phase one (because i orderes a I7 875k with it and will eventually get problems overclocking with 4 Phases only).

              Intel states the DP55WG to be compatible with the i7 875k in all revisions, does this compatibility include stability (also with 4 Power phases) with the overclocking features of the i7 875k versions ?

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                Thank you for all of your feedback!  To research on this topic, would you mind providing the Altered Assembly Number (AA #) of your particular Intel(R) Desktop Board DP55WG?


                Note: The AA# is located on a white sticker, right on the board itself (see http://tinyurl.com/6j8nbf).  If your board is able to boot into BIOS, at least, you can also have access to it in BIOS [Additional System Information under the Main menu; (see http://tinyurl.com/m2updf)].

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                  thank you very much for your reply.

                  i already send it back, and im not sure if i looked the aa number right but i have writen down these : oder nr  E63471-001

                  aa nr E57269-407.

                  since i already sent it back i now need to get information on how to make sure to get the version with 6 power phases or to get confirmed that there is a version with 6 power phases

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                    I confirm the pre-production boards have 6 while production boards only 4. The picture found here, therefore, pertains to a pre-production one.


                    Pre-production boards, regretfully, are not for sale.

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                      thanks for clearing that up for me. i had a few DP55WGs in my hand now and the where all with 4 phases.

                      i thought it should have 6 phases because it supports i7 875k cpus that (if overclocked) could nee more than the wattage the 4 phases can provide.

                      of course i considered buying the DP55KG, but i was affraid to not be able to upgrade the bios to support my cpu (if it is to new for the bios) but i now bought it at a good vendor who installed me the newest bios.