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    I want to visit an intel facility in Portland Oregon. What should I do?


      I am a sophmore computer science and electrical engineering major, attending community college. My girlfriend and I are going to take a trip to portland oregon on the 17th. Many of the best research and development centers in intel are located there. I have read about some of architectures developed there and the great technologies made by intel at these locations. I researched on the web, but it appears intel doesn't have any kind of public tours for any of these facilities. I want to know if there is a way I can go to one of these and check it out? It would be such a treat to see how the work is done there, and maybe get a chance to talk to some of the engineers and folks at intel. Ultimately, for my career, this is exactly where I hope to be in the near future. Who should I call, or email, or talk to, or where should I post at to inquirer about this?