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    ANybody on Intel DP35DP Mobo!! It's DeAd EnD


      Hi ,,,,


      Well Tis Mobo is on it's dead End Bios Support Stopped, No Audio Drivers for Windows 7 , No Intel Management Driver.... Only One Reason It's Not Compatible on Windows 7 OS...." Why Even Entry Level Mobo DG31PR " has full support on Windows 7... Intel DP35DP is a Media Series Mobo, Intel Stopped all by the end of July 2009 last Bios was "0572" was a horrible one , has lot's of prblms with tat version.... INTEL U Fooled us..... While u Release a new Mobo U have Some Cool Advertisement Eg: On tis Mobo Intel Sigmatel Stac 9271HD Audio Codec, Dolby Home Theater... It's all In Advertisement not worked at all, On Media series atleast u should have Integrated Realtek Audio Which is atleast good, In tis Mobo SIGMATEL now as IDT which is the worst Audio i have heard no Proper Driver Support Nouthing.....  NeXt Time No Intel Mobo ur Mobo can be used 1 Month after tat no Drivers support nouthing........

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          hey bro... stop shooting of like an MG


          i am running Win7 32bit on dp35dp for half a year..


          i am using 0571 bios.. and i am fine with it...


          pls just download the latest drivers for sound an engine management .. win vista drivers

          run the program... and the program will tell you that it is not supported..

          continue the process and the win7 UAC thingy will prompt you to reinstall in a recommanded settings .. click that.. that applies to management and sound

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            Hi xB2Spiritx...


            Ok Mate but the problems are In Windows 7 64bit event log Viewer shows tat ""previous system shutdown was unexpected" Event ID 6008" every time i shutdown my system and there is another problem i cannot resume from Sleep State S3 , when i put to Sleep state it goes to sleep state and after tat all lights out frm Mouse and Keyboard , And it wont wake up , only way is by turning off the system by switching off the Ups,  Bios Version Current is 0484 ... 0572 has lot's of problems main problem is wen i update to 0572 there is a compatibility issues with my SONY DVD DRU810A IDE DVD Writer it wont boot any OS DVD's or it may hang after Bios Screen....

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              Hi Hi xB2Spiritx.......


              Thankzz man atleast u like DP35DP one.... wat's ur email id... i want to ask some questions my id is vinay.deadspot2007@gmail.com.....

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                try not to use IDE in dp35dp... it is tune for sata configuration..


                well... i only tested on win7 32bit platform.. at the moment now, i am testing with 64bit...


                my email is daigo_09@hotmail.com         

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                  I have been running the Q6600 w/ DP35DP board for at least the last two years from XP  Pro (32-bitr) thru Vista Business (32-bit) and finally Win7 Pro (64-bit), since 10/09, and have had no problems.  The machine crunches scientific projects 24/7.

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                    Hi Clifton....


                    WHich bios Version ur Using, Did u update to Latest one 0572..... Does the Board Resume or wake up from SLeep mode S3 State on Windows 7..... A new Bios would be good.... 0572 bios version have lot's of issues....

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                      I updated the BIOS to 572 a couple of months ago.  I guess you can say that I am comparing apples & oranges.  None of my machines ever sleep.... they are on the job 24/7 and are only down for either weekly recycle, usually on Sundays, Windows updates if required, or any new software that may have been installed.  I did change my power settings this morning to check out hibernation and BIOS and had no problems.  Since I have never used the option before, it is one of the first adjustments I make once a new a new OS or BIOS is applied, I didn't know what to expect.  It did seem to me that it might have taken a couple of minutes to come back from the sleep, but after hitting multiple key and moving the trackball it did come back to life.  

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                        Ok CLifton... Thanku for ur Valued Response.... When i updated to 0572 my DVD Writer doesnot boot any OS DVD's Or CD's [SOny DVD DRU810A] May Be Compatibility issue Mine Is IDE DVD Writer not SATA, So Only option is to Downgrade Bios but it Failed, ten i use Bios Recoverey Method, it was Succesful and now im on 0484 version, But When i put The System to sleep it goes nicely but it won't wake up , [ The Power Remains little time on my Mouse and Keyboard then all lights off]... waiting for a new bios..... Sorry 4 bad English.....

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                          As far as your DVD is concerned, may I suggest that you go the Sony web site asnd see if the firmware is up to date.  I did find this, it might be of some help.

                          http://sony.storagesupport.com/node/839 . When I first put Vista on one of my machines, it was doing the same thing, so I updated the firmware for the DVD burner and have not had a problem since.  BTW it was also an IDE device.  Also there are very inexpensive device adapters that will convert certain IDE devices to SATA that are available via the internet,  I have purchased a couple from SIIG that I found on Amazon and they work quite well.


                          Once you update the firmware, try applying the new BIOS again. Just out of curiosity, are you running some application that requires you to have the machine up 24/7 while going into sleep mode.  If not, why don't you just turn the machine off when not in use, it might also be as simple of changing your power plan.  My monitors do not go to sleep because I use a screen saver that also displays the work progress.  Tfhe disk drives never go to sleep because they are always being accessed.  I have adjusted my power/hibernation option to never turn either off unless the systems go on battery.  At that time, the UPS will bring down the machines in a graceful manner.


                          The amount of time to cycle a machine today is a lot shorter then back in the day.  I can see no useful purpose of having a machine on and then putting it to sleep.

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                            hi clifton...


                            My DVD Burner Sony DVD DRU810A firmware is up to date 1.0f tis is the latest version yet, wat to do..... tey wont release new firmware because it's support is ended.....

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                              It seems to me that this will be a good time to invest in a more current DVD player/burner.  I would check with the Microsoft site to see which ones are compatable to Win 7, most current versions of these devices are, but it doesn't hurt to check.  My oldest DVD is a Pioneer BCS-2202, which works very good and will play/record anything but Blu-ray.  It is an old drive and I will have to replace it at some time.


                              Another thought has just crossed my mind and I didn't see it in any of the replys to your original post.  When was the last time that you checked your memory sticks?  There might be a problem with your RAM that could/would cause the problems that you are having.  There are many good products to test the sticks, some of them are free.  MEMTEST 3.5 is a very good product that I use and it is free if downloaded from the web.  I had a vfery serious problem with my just built machine which ran for several days and then started shutting down and wouldn't even get past BIOS.  After a while I finally was able to get it run the test and found that at least one of the stick was faulty.  After replacing all of the sticks, they came as a kit, I have had no further problems.  You might want to check them.  If you do replace the sticks make sure that they are compatable with both the board and OS.

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                                Well Clifton, yeah i have checked my Ram with Memtest and windows memory Diagoonstic , No Problems detected 2gb Each one(4GB Total) is Hynix and the other one is Corsair ....  Have u read the bios changes tat they have made 0572 tey have Implemented some changes in Bios for Optical Recoverey for Some Models, i think mainly for Sata, So tis change made the Old drive (mine) to Not Boot ... Or Hang after Post... Have to check IDEto SATA convertor tat u have told ... Wat's i'm nt getting is resuminfg from sleep mode, Have to check with my Power Supply, But there is other problem too, tis Motherboard is Not Fully COmpatible on WIndows 7 because there is Some MeMory Corruption Occuring when waking up from sleep mode... Check Intel DP35DP forums, or u can find it yourself check ur EVENT LOG Viewer on Windows 7....... One Word Tis Was The Best MObo Build from INTEL But Faulty Bios Programming and Bad Integrated Audio Ruined Tis ... Still In Bios Change Log (0572) Some Lines Says in Beta........

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                                  1) If you have model BOXDP35DPM, then the board is fully compatable with Win7, please check out http://www.microsoft.com/windows/compatibility/windows-7/en-us/Details.aspx?type=Hardware&p=Intel%20Desktop%20Board%20DP35DP%20Motherboard&v=Intel&uid=BOXDP35DPM&l=en-US&pf=0&pi=0&s=dp35dp&os=64-bit.  Through the years I have found that those that buy boards, regardless of manufactor, that are not boxed models tend to have the most problems.  I wish I knew why, but that seems to be the case.   I guess that is one of the reasons that I have not had the problems that so many folks are having.


                                  I searched the desktop forum for the board and found that 99.99% of complaints were when Win7 was still in test mode NOT PRODUCTION.  The links to certain reports that I found dealing with the board are all old reports from 2008 and haven't been updated.


                                  2) Download the Express BIOS update (0572) and save it to your desktop.  If you haven't applied the chipset or lan or any other updates that may apply download them at the same time.  Recycle your machine to SAFE MODE and run the updates.   I have found that this is my perferred method of applying these types of updates.  Do the BIOS first, chipset, then LAN, etc. and recycle to safe mode after each update.  The chipset (05/18/2010) Win7, BIOS (07/15/2009)  Vista, LAN (05/14/2010) Win7, etc.


                                  3) I can't comment on the integrated audio, because I use a PCI type soundcard and have disabled the on-board audio.  Same goes the the video.  I had a problem many years ago with another manufactor's audio & video (Gigabyte) and from then on I have always disabled any on-board audio & video and used third-party components in their place.


                                  4) Memory corruption is extremely important to me, because of the scientific experiments that I run on my machines.  I have never had memory corruption, but then the machine is not allowed to hibernate.  I notice that you are using two different memory sticks, one from Hynix and the other from Corsair.  Are you sure that the sticks are matched?  Using unmatched sticks can cause problems even though they show no errors by themselves because they could be un-balanced timing wise.  Just a thought, un-matched sticks should never be used.

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                                    hi clifton... ur pretty fast replying, my Mobo is Reatiled one Boxed DP35DPM.... and about compatibility yea tey are fullly commpatible on Microsoft sites, but not on intel, intel technical team told me via chat it's not fully compatible.... yaehh me too using PCI Audio Card from Creative, Anyway i have to try tat IDE to SATA connector, and check 0572 bios, i will reply u .... Have a nice day..

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