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    Q9450S Processor


      That processor doesn't mentioned on Itel web site and there is no documentation available. But i has one. It detects by Intel® Processor Identification Utility, CPU-Z and Everest as Q9450S. And everest shows 65W TDP. It also mentioned at some Chinese and Pakistan forums by other users and i found peoples in my country with that processor (proof links on demand). Spec code is SLAWR, other processor marking stuff i can get later on demand, because i need to uninstall cooler. Questions are: 1) Is it made by intel or that is China fake 2) Are any documentation or specification available? Users reports that cores temperature are too hight and ask seller to change 'bad processor' , but i think it's incorrect TjMax interpretation by software programs. Case temperature is ok. And i think electrical specification is same. My processor work without isses except core temperature interpritation by software, sorry for my english.