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    RCCE V1.0.12 available


      RCCE Version 1.0.12 is available for anonymous SVN checkout from http://marcbug.scc-dc.com/svn/repository/tags/RCCE_V1.0.12/


      The very latest RCCE is available for anonymous SVN checkout from http://marcbug.scc-dc.com/svn/repository/trunk/

      As of right now, the trunk is equal to the RCCE_V1.0.12 tag.


      RCCE V1.0.12 improves the emulator version of RCCE.

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          The changes from RCCE V1.0.12 are minor.

          RCCE maintains its version number as a macro in RCCE.h, and this was not updated in 1.0.12.

          Also when configuring for SCC_BAREMETAL, rccerun's invocation of mpb had an SCC_LINUX in its path. You would not ever really use rccerun with baremetal, but sometimes seeing the output of rccerun when it fails as expected is useful.