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    S3420GPLC Freezing



      I have a system with a S340GPLC ServerBoard, a Xeon 3440, Kingston 2Gb ECC Memory (KVR1333D3E9S/2G), and a Corsair VX450 power supply for about a month (the whole system), and despite some people say that this memory isn't suported by the motherboard, I already had installed UbuntuServer and was starting to "play" with it before put on production...

      BUT, this morning i tried to turn on my system, and all i get was 3 Beeps from the board, and it never shows any video out.

      Looking inside the server case i saw that it was giving me 2 different errors on the diagnostic/status LEDs:

      1- 0xB8h(10111000) - "Resetting removable media device" (motherboard documentation...)

      2-0xEAh(11101010) - "Flash Updates"


      When the system keeps "freezed" without manually restart, it get a amber led, three beeps and again restarts itself, going again to the leds status, freeze, etc...

      And it kept hapening all day long... no video output, no post, nothing!


      Could any one of you help me discover whats goin on here?

      Thanks a lot, Andre.