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    DH57JG - Lan driver does not work!




      I need some help.I cannot find any network adapters under device manager , not even as an unknown device? Is there any tool that i can use to test this?




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          Welcome to the Techiepedia Group.


          In order to assist you on this, you may need to try a few things and answer to these questions below:


          1. Have you checked if the lan is enabled in the BIOS? (Advanced>> Peripheral Configuration >> On-Board Lan)

          2. Try to enable Boot to Network in the bios as a test to see if you do get the options

          3. Which OS are you using?

          4. Try the latest drivers Link

          5. You can try the tools that is available when you download the above driver.

              Extract the downloaded file using Winrar

              Go to folder PROWin32\APPS\TOOLS

              Copy these tools to a dos bootable usb and try them



          All the best,


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            I have tried the latest driver and it works fine now.

            I did try the tools that you suggested, the hardware was detected correctly.


            Many thanks for the information. This community is great.