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    HD Graphics OpenGL Support? ... well not really...


      I have recently upgraded to a Core I5-650 PC with a Gigabyte GA-H55M-UD2H motherboard that contains the Intel HD Graphics chipset. The machine is running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit in 4Mb of DDR3 memory onto an LG W2053TQ 20-inch monitor at 1600x900 32bpp.

      I rarely play games any games (for goodness sakes, I'm in my 60's), but recently rediscovered an open-source flight simulator called "Flightgear" that apparently attracts a huge enthusiast following and is well-supported. Being open-source I guess, it relies on OpenGL for the particularly realistic and beautiful graphics it produces. Installed on my system, it is unusuable because of severe graphics tearing and glacially slow refresh rates, even with all the latest drivers (OpenGL and Intel HD).

      I note on the Flightgear forum there are a considerable number of anguished complaints from people with exactly the same problem on Intel HD Graphics-equipped machines, and that the consensus answer is that there is no fix available other than adding a non-Intel plugin graphics card.

      The claim is made on the site that Intel's support for OpenGL is at "stoneage" level, since there is no financial benefit in it.

      Is this reasonable? ... I thought that OpenGL was a fairly standard and widely-used graphics engine, and I have seen the "Flightgear" program running perfectly on a couple of other brand cards under Windows 7, I'd have thought that Intel would be at least competitive.

      Suggestions? .... Comments anyone?