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    Has Windows Update ruined my graphics configuration?


      Hi folks, hope you can help me with my problem.


      My daughter has a Samsung R519 Laptop, running Windows 7 Professional 32bit, Celeron Processor, 2Gb Ram, mobile intel 4 series express chipset family.

      It's always run very nice since she bought it, however she presented it to me after being on holiday for 3 weeks and it was slooooooooooow.

      I had a look and found the following:-

      On 29/07/2010, Windows Update tried to an 'optional' update to the chipset....and failed four times.

      After that, every update except Malicious Removal Tool and Defender, failed.

      I eventually (after running Software Readiness Update Tool, disabling anti-virus & doing it in safe mode) managed to install all the WIndows Updates for the past month, except the chipset ones. This was VERY tedious doing it about 3 at a time, especially with the machine so slow - 100% CPU constantly.

      I did a Malwarebytes run and found 39incidents, but mostly pertaining to MyWebSeach and FunWebProducts. All removed.

      Then I decided to update the graphics drivers, hoping this would speed up the comp.

      I'm pretty sure that the version in it was 2086, but I could be wrong as I don't now have the piece of paper.

      I tried to update it to 2182 using the exe, but after 5-10mins it gave up, telling me it would revert back.

      I even tried using the 'have disk' method, but that too failed.

      All the times the computer was going slower and slower (FORGET iTUNES!) and the only way I could make progress was to go to performance settings and set it to 'best performance' - crap graphics but at least this way at least the CPU wasn't constantly on 100%.

      I went to Device Manager, Display Adaptors etc and in the box where you can update/roll back/uninstall the driver, I clicked on DRIVER DETAILS....and waited.....and waited and eventually, it listed 91 files!!, 33 normal looking ones plus all the language resource files, five .vp files, loads of .lrc files, and a cpa file!!


      Strangely, I also noticed that it said the version was 2182!! So I rolled it back, restarted, looked in device drivers and they were all still there.


      I then completely uninstalled the graphics drivers, restarted and after a while, they all came back in again (thru WIndows Update I think!)


      I've even gone as far as to go into Windows/System32 and manually delete all the files listed in the DRIVER DETAILS, but they all came back in again.

      I did it a 2nd time and stopped Windows Update from importing them. I then tried the 2182 installation exe, hoping this would work - again it failed stating that it had problems registering one or more files.

      I did the manual removal thing one more time (noticing that there were three igfxColn_v....dll's; 2021, 2119 and 2182, which I presume are previously installed versions) and removed the 3 version .dlls - it's now back to version 1892, but still has 26 files in the DRIVER DETAILS list, plus a load of .lrc files, 5 x .vp files and the .cpa file, but at least NOT the language resource files.


      It's still running really slow, massive CPU usage and I dare not change the performance settings, or it'll grind to a halt.


      Without completely restoring this laptop (and there is no system restore point before 29/7 grrr) is there any way I can get this machine's graphics configuration running properly please? I've already spent 2 days on this and it's driving me crazy!!


      Thanks so much in advance and sorry for the long post!!




      PS If anyone has the same machine/chipset, could you please tell me what processes should be running in Driver Details pls? (My dad has 2 comps - there's 9 on his desktop and 26 on his laptop)

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          I tried again to install version 2182 via the exe and the have disk method, both times saying they were unsuccessful.

          However when I went to Device Manager/Graphics Adaptors, the version came up as 2182!!

          I clicked on Driver Details - again, a VERY long wait and again, 91 files!!

          Again, I went into System32 and removed (to a new folder) all the language .resources files, all the .lrc files, the 5 .vp files and the .cps file.

          I went back to Driver Details and there were now 29 files - the machine is working MUCH better and am able to put it in Aero mode, change the performance to Best Appearance and the CPU doesn't go mad.


          I would still like to know from other people, how many files should be in Driver Details and what they are please, as I feel it could be fine tuned more.


          Many thanks, Fizz