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    iaanotif.exe and NCQ support




      I was wondering what exactly "iaanotif.exe" is (function, purpose, ...) and if it is related to the NCQ support.

      If I turn iaanotif startup entry off, is NCQ still enabled ?


      I have a Asus P7P55D-E Pro motherboard in AHCI Mode and a unique SATA HDD. I installed Intel Matrix Software Manager to get NCQ support only (no RAID or Hot-Plugging) but not sure it is really necessary. Is it ?


      Thank you for your help


      EDIT: I also read somewhere that the IAANTMON service was for detect a RAID malfunction. So if I don't have a RAID, can I disable it ? More generally, what is this service for ?

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          I think the NCQ support is carried out by the ahci drivers.The "Intel Matrix Storage Manager" related background processes as the iaanotif.exe and IAANTMon.exe is mainly running for RAID support and maintenance.


          But I have not seen official explanation about their funcitions.