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    Problem booting XP on DH55HC/i5-650


      I have built up a system based on the DH55HC and i5/650.  I have installed Windows XP Home, SP3 by slipstreaming the AHCI and HD Graphics drivers into the install disk.  I'm using AHCI mode for the SATA controller, and I have the latest BIOS (0039) installed.  The installation all proceeded normally, but now, when I attempt to boot the installed XP, everything appears to work perfectly normally - up to a point .... I get the black screen with Windows logo and the moving bar progress indicator below it.  Then that screen vanishes and I see a very short flash of another logo on screen before the machine resets itself and goes back through the blue screen with Intel logos, followed by the F2 to enter BIOS etc prompts.


      Can anyone guide with troubleshooting, or fixing the problem?